5 Real videos of Aliens Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life!


Aliens, also known as the most mysterious creatures ever, have rarely been caught on camera. But thanks to BuzzHubb, these mysterious creatures will finally be shown to the public. Within this countdown we have picked only the real alien sightings so prepare for five aliens caught on camera in real life. Let’s begin:

Humanoid Alien

What you’re about to see is a leaked video from a real grey alien at Roswell they were interviewing from the Roswell crash in the forties. People believe this to be extremely realistic and rather far from fake. Mostly because it was close to impossible to make such a thing with CGI back then. Decide for yourself.

Dead alien found in UFO hotspot in Russia

What you are about to see shows two people wandering in the snow in Russia when all of a sudden what appears to be a strange creature with the form of an alien is found dead in the snow. There’s actually a lot of controversy out there with this small footage but many people believe this to be a real image. What do you think?

Creepy sightings caught on camera

This alien captured by a group of people in Brazil that have not come forward to any government – and I think we all know why… check out this footage:

Alien Caught on Camera Hiding in Backyard

Alien caught hiding in backyard try’s to abduct girl.

Perverted Alien

Colorado has had many reported “encounters”, but what was captured here is something that can’t be explained. It looks like an alien to us, but you be the judge.

Perverted Alien

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