10 Amazing Inventions of 2017 You Won’t Believe Exist


One thing we have come to know with regards to tech is that nothing is impossible. In fact, impossible is a word we should stop using and use improbable if need be. Time and again, we have been surprised by the tech creative minds have created and even though we should expect such things by now, we are still filled with amusement and shock when something new is introduced. It’s not as science has ever stopped captivating us, but here we are again with eyes wide and a “wow” on our tongues every single time.
Four months in 2017 and we have already come to know many new inventions. The list is endless. There’s just so much to cover, from modern televisions that can bend to cameras that can click HD pictures in the dark. Here are ten amazing inventions of this year that you wouldn’t believe exist, but they truly are a reality.

10. Kyocera Sapphire Shield

What’s worse than an outdated phone? A phone that you invested huge stacks of money in but has a cracked screen from its last fall. You see, when the phone’s display shatters, the cracks are reflected on the surface of the heart; it’s broken too. That’s a sad story, and this is why Kyocera has come up with a screen that doesn’t shatter that easily.
The Kyocera Sapphire Shield can withstand a fall from a height twice that which a regular glass can survive. This way all the people who have fingers made of butter can save themselves the heartache of a broken mobile screen. The material isn’t prone to scratches and is virtually unbreakable.

9. Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 Self-Lacing Shoes

source: nike

We’ve had enough of smartphones and smart TVs, so now, it’s time for something more. This more has manifested itself in the form of “smart shoes.” And of course, the brand behind this innovation is Nike. This year, Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 shoes have come out that can lace themselves. Unlike in the movies, the laces won’t fly and bind themselves. Instead, these laces are already bound, and they tighten or loosen by sensing the size of your feet. The shoes also detect whether the feet are heavy on the heel or the forefoot and accordingly offer the best fit.
The pair has plus and minus buttons that can tighten or loosen the grip on the feet accordingly. Holding down on the minus button loosens the laces entirely, letting you slip out your feet comfortably. Like a cellphone, this pair of shoes has to be charged every two weeks. For the ultimate sci-fi look, the midsole glows a translucent blue when turned on.

8. Wireless Smartphone Charging

source: ubergizmo

Another incredible innovation 2017 is to bring is wireless smartphone charging. We all know how dreadful it feels when the phone battery is low, and we need to use it. Our whole lives revolve around these mini gadgets, and they handle a lot of our work for us. Hence, in this fast-moving life, no one has the time to pause and charge the phone, but you have to do that.
Luckily, a whole lot of tech companies have taken the matter into consideration and are working on wireless charging. We’ll soon be experiencing this marvelous change in which phones could be charged wirelessly much like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. Ossia is one company that is well ahead of the rest in this regard, and the first phones featuring Ossia’s wireless charging would be seen by the end of this year. Rumors regarding Apple’s next iPhone having wireless charging are also making rounds.

7. Sony Xperia Touch

source: sonymobile

Have you seen how, in movies, the futuristic characters keep clicking on projections floating in the air like a thin smart TV? Well, the future is here, and this imagination is to become a part of reality this year with Sony’s Xperia Touch projector that can, like any other projector, cast images on walls, tables, and basically any flat surface. What’s new is that you can click on these images and interact with them as the projections are like functional touchscreens. Therefore, you can beam a social media site onto the wall and interact with the projection just like you have seen your favorite movie character doing.
The resolution is mediocre at 1366 x 768 pixels, but we’re not expecting HD imagery right away, anyway. With 10-point touch sensitivity, you can play a game on a table or explain a presentation in a savvy manner. This takes projectors to a whole new level. The battery life of this gadget is going to be limited to an hour, so you can’t use it for an extended time. Hence, it is best for home and office use. The price? That’s not set yet.

6. Ephemeral Tattoo Ink

source: techcrunch

It’s pretty annoying when you get a tattoo in your teenage years and later regret your decision. It’s not uncommon to make such a mistake as most kids don’t take tattoos that seriously. However, they should because the mark remains on their bodies until the skin sheds itself as a result of death. The commitment to the ink design on your body is strong as the ink becomes a part of you – unremovable. Take, for instance, the kid who thought he’d always love his current girlfriend and got her name tattooed on his back. However, the girl dumped him in a few months, and all he was left with was the crude reminder of his heartbreak. That’s not just embarrassing but depressing as well if you think too much about it.
Good thing Ephemeral Tattoo Ink has been developed. This ink is used exactly as the others, but it is temporary as it lasts for just a year. The Ephemeral Ink is used with the same machines other mainstream inks are and doesn’t have any extra requirements. Therefore, a place for it can be easily reserved at any tattoo parlor. This way, you can get a new tattoo every year or renew the previous one but with no strings attached. The creators of this ink are also working on its remover so that people can get it erased even before the 12 months are complete. Convenient, no?

5. Sony Alpha 7S

source: Sony

A DSLR has since long been tough to challenge. The clear pictures it produces have been of exceptional quality, and it has made even monkeys into photographers. But that’s about to change with the Sony Alpha 7S. This camera by Sony is a much improved mirrorless ILC with better lenses and sensors. This one can match the quality of the DSLR and is bound to replace the DSLR over time with one specialty.
The feature that gives it the edge over the much-loved DSLR is that it can capture pictures even when it’s pitch black! Lovers of photography are going crazy over this camera. The full-frame sensor only captures 12.3 megapixels at a sensitivity of ISO 409,600. At such a low density, it offers larger pixels that can capture more light. Therefore, the Sony Alpha 7S will allow people to take amazing pictures even when it is completely dark. Photographers better get their nighttime photography ideas brewing and ready!

4. Language Translation Earpieces

source: waverlylabs

So many of us do not go to a foreign country because we fear we will not be able to communicate with the people over there or, worse, we’ll get duped without even being able to figure out what happened. Well, this worry is soon to be a thing of the past as, in the spring of 2017, Waverly Labs will release Pilot earpieces. These can translate whatever is being spoken to you clearly! So the next time you head abroad, you can understand each and every word in that country’s language. These earpieces translate that language to your own word by word in real time. Sounds like a dream come true, no?
Whether you go abroad for a business trip, honeymoon, or just alone for traveling by yourself and making new memories, this earpiece can accompany you and help you understand the language of the streets you are roaming at. It’s not one earpiece, rather a pair of two as they can be used as wireless music earphones as well. The set is priced at 300 dollars. The first pair will support some European languages, while other language packages can be downloaded. This would be an innovative way to take the gap out of “language gap.”

3. LG W-Series (Wallpaper) TV

source: LG

When it comes to televisions, we have all come a long way in a brief time, from small box-shaped bulky TVs to larger ones of the same design. Then came the mighty LCDs and later the LEDs. However, the thirst for a slimmer television remained. To deal with the situation, LG has once again invented something new and mind-blowing. Welcome the LG W-Series TV. The “W” here stands for wallpaper and that too for a legit reason.
The LG W TV is as thin as a sheet and will look like a real picture hanging on the wall, very much like a moving painting. With a 65-inch length, this television weighs just 7.7 kg and will also be available in a 77-inch length. Magnetic brackets would stick the TV to the wall like a poster. The TV will be separate from the rest of the system, which will be decently packed in a 4.2 channel LG Dolby Atmos soundbar. The release date and price are yet to be known, though it’s pretty obvious that this beauty will be far from reasonably priced. LG also has much more in its arsenal to showcase this year.

2. LG Flexible OLED

source: theverge

We’ve been dreaming about completely flexible televisions for years, but despite much research, the creation of bendable TVs has been nothing more than a thought. But 2017 will be changing that as LG has come up with entirely flexible OLED displays. By replacing the hard plastic on the back panel by a polyimide film, this has been made possible.
We’ll be seeing TVs that can be rolled like a newspaper soon this year. This one by LG will have a high-resolution screen measuring 18 inches that can be folded to a 1-inch wide tube! Not only that but this brilliant brand aims at creating a bigger 60-inch Ultra HD monitors that are flexible just like this OLED television in this very year.

1. Toyota Concept-i

source: toyota

Those days are gone when there used to be a “family car.” Now, the car is a part of the family. That’s one of the greatest revolutions 2017 has brought. Toyota has unveiled its Concept-i car that has an aerodynamic shape. The looks are very futuristic and are sure to remind one of the Jetsons. Everything about this car is the ultimate dream come true of a sci-fi nerd and automotive fanatic.
The Toyota Concept-i is not just going to give an autonomous driving experience, but it also has built-in artificial intelligence that interacts with the driver. It’s like the car has a cleverer version of Siri or Alexa. It is brilliant as it learns the behavioral patterns of its user and makes suggestions based on it. This virtual assistant has been named “Yui.” The car has many other admirable features as well that Toyota has designed to give its customers a friendlier and more gorgeous looking car.
2017 is a revolutionary year as the whole year will be filled with many innovative inventions that will take tech up a notch. Displays that cannot be scratched easily and wallpaper-thin TVs are just the beginning. There’s more to come as the year proceeds and new announcements are made. Humanity has come a long way, but there’s yet a lot to experience. Technology is going to new places every day, and we still have much to see. So, save the amazement as there’s always more to come!


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