10 Creepy But Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of All The Time

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There are plenty of mysteries around the world that manage to creep up on you, scare you out of your wits, and send shivers up your spine when you read about them. We are going to shed some light on some such mysteries which remain unresolved to date and have still gotten people thinking, despite several years gone by.
The world is filled with ample mysteries that are sufficient to leave one baffled. We often tend to think that there is nothing that does not have a logical explanation, but there have been certain instances wherein logic has failed to provide a proper explanation, and thus they have become some of the greatest mysteries that the world has witnessed which remain unsolved. Let us take a look at some of the biggest unresolved mysteries that rocked the world. Various rumors and speculations surround these mysteries, but the concrete truth remains hidden to date.

  1. The Tamam Shud case


A man was found dead on the Somerton beach in Australia in 1948. There was no identification, and his dental records remained unmatched. The autopsy gave rise to suspicion of poisoning, but no poison trace could be isolated. Four months following the incident, when an expert was called for an examination of the body, he found a small pocket sewn on the pants waistband which contained a piece of paper reading “Tamam Shud.”
The words were from the poetry collection of Omar Khayyam, the Rubaiyat, literally meaning, it is completed. The paper was torn out of a copy of the book which was found in a car near the beach. There was a phone number of a nurse in the book along with a coded message which could not be decoded by the police. The nurse, on questioning, revealed that she had given the book to someone called Albert Boxall. The police thought that the identity of the dead man was now revealed. However, Boxall appeared alive with the book still with him that had no part torn out.
The case, to date, remains unsolved.

2. Shanyna Isom

Shanyna Isom, 28 years old, was taken to emergency in Memphis after suffering from an asthma attack in 2009. She was treated with a dose of steroids and sent back. She then started experiencing itching that worsened despite medical intervention. She also noticed her legs turning black. The doctors decided that she had incurred a staph infection or some variant of eczema. Various treatment approaches were taken but to no avail, and her condition worsened. Scabs formed all over her body, and she started losing weight rapidly. No diagnosis could be made. Two years later, she visited Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore where the specialists decided that she was suffering from an unknown condition that leads to the production of excess skin cells on the hair follicles. The cause and treatment of the condition remain unknown to date.

3. The Patomskiy Crater


When geologist Vadim Kolpakov set off on an expedition in 1949 to Siberia, he had no idea that he was about to stumble on a strange mystery that would remain unsolved for a long time to come. During his trip, he was told by locals not to venture deep into the woods as there was an evil place there avoided by all, called the Fire Eagle Nest. According to them, people who go there feel unwell or disappear altogether. This did not deter the geologist who decided to venture into the area to look for an explanation. There he found a giant crater that was roughly the size of 25-story building that reared up the trees. It bore a resemblance to volcano mouth but looked newly formed. It also looked as though the trees have experienced accelerated growth. No explanation with regards to the crater was found. An expedition was launched in 2005 to look for answers, but the leader of the group suffered a heart attack a few kilometers from the site, and the expedition was called off. The locals believe it to be caused by the evil crater.

4. The Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion


The broadcast of Doctor Who on a Chicago PBS affiliate station was interrupted in 1987 by a man wearing a Max Headroom mask who disrupted the program by pirating the channel to leave a strange, not-to-mention creepy message. The message remains a mystery, and the person could never be identified.

5. The Melungeons


French traders, in 1690, came across a mysterious settlement in southern Appalachia where people lived in log cabins and had unusual olive skin and facial features. There were no further sightings of the settlers till 1784 when John Sevier visited Hancock County and discovered a colony with people having dark skin and European features. They gradually spread out to other areas where they were often looked down upon. However, their origin remains unknown.

6. The Bouvet Island Lifeboat


Bouvet Island remains one of the most isolated places in the world. The land has never been inhabited, and it is also unsustainable for plant life. An abandoned lifeboat was discovered on the Island by a British expedition in 1964 with oars, wood, drum, and copper tank nearby. The condition of the boat was good enough. No trace of any passenger could be found, and there were no identity marks on the boat. The lifeboat vanished when another expedition was sent to the place two years later along with all the other items.

7. D. B. Cooper


Dan Cooper boarded the Northwest Airlines Flight 305 in 1971 and passed a note to one of the flight attendants. According to the note, he had a bomb and thus wanted her to sit beside him. He then showed her a briefcase containing wires, battery, and red sticks. He asked for $200,000 cash which was to be put into a knapsack along with two back and front parachutes. He also wanted a fuel truck ready to refuel on landing. The instructions were relayed to the captain, and his demands were met. All the passengers were released, and the guy then asked the captain to fly the plane again to Mexico. When the plane was in the air, he strapped the cash on his body, attached himself to parachutes, and jumped out. No one ever heard of him again.

8. The Mayerling Incident


Two bodies were discovered in a rural hunting lodge in 1889 in Vienna that took the place by surprise. They were the bodies of the Archduke of Austria-Hungary, Prince Rudolf, and his lover, Baroness Marie Vetsera. They had been shot to death. An order was issued by Emperor Franz Josef to cover up the tragedy. For this, Marie Vetsera’s body was buried in secret. Rumors were circulated according to which Rudolf was poisoned. The emperor revealed to the pope that Rudolf might have been the one to kill himself and Vetsera. However, how the two died remains a mystery to date.

9. The Eilean Mor Lighthouse Mystery


In 1900, the Scottish Island of Eilean Mor was occupied by three lighthouse keepers alone. When the day after Christmas, a supply ship arrived there, the lighthouse keepers were not found to be waiting for them, as opposed to usual. No activity on the island could be detected, and then Joseph Moore was sent for investigation. He saw the door of the lighthouse unlocked, and when he entered, he noticed that two out of three waterproof jackets were missing. He also found remains of meal and a chair on the floor. The clock in the kitchen had seized up, and there were no signs of the lighthouse keepers. According to a diary entry of a lighthouse keeper, there was a heavy storm that shook the island. However, from the nearby Island of Lewis, there were no storms reported.

10. Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370


This is one of the recent unsolved mysteries that have left the world in shock. The Malaysia Airlines flight vanished without a trace in March 2014. The flight carried 227 passengers along with 12 crew members. The last voice contact was lost less than an hour after take-off, following which the place disappeared from radar. There was no distress signal, or bad weather warnings relayed prior to the disappearance of the plane. The search for the plane is still underway, but to date, no debris has been found.
Not everything can be explained logically. Sometimes, you just have to accept the fact that there were some mysteries that remained unsolved. The ones we have mentioned are among the biggest unresolved mysteries of the world. There are plenty more of such mysteries that you could find. Those would leave you at a loss for an explanation. Perhaps, in the years to come, these mysteries would finally be solved, and the matters would be paid to rest. However, given that some of these are centuries old, this seems quite unlikely now, and perhaps one would just have to suffice with the idea that not every question has an answer and sometimes, there are things that you cannot know.


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