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5 Unexplained & Mysterious Deep Sea Creatures Caught On Camera!

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Our world is filled with strange creatures and to date, scientists keep on discovering new species of animals that we never knew existed. We may have covered most of our land, but our sea, which makes up most of the earth, is still unknown to us.
The sea on earth is vast and incredibly deep. It is almost impossible to cover all of it and understand the creatures that exist inside. Thus, after every little while, we keep on discovering more and more sea animals that seem quite strange to us but have been on the earth way before any of us.
We only manage to come across most of these creatures when they die and wash up on the shore. However, there are rare instances where people have managed to snap a picture of these animals while they were on the water coincidently. These footages have led to quite a debate in the world of science, but one thing is for sure – the sea never fails to impress us.
The top 5 unexplained and mysterious deep-sea creatures caught on camera have been listed below, so read on to know more about these beings and prepare to be impressed.



We have all heard about the Kraken, which is called the monster of the sea and is a giant squid. There have been many legends about the deep blue sea being filled with mysterious creatures, and one of them includes this giant squid.
Squids are known for living in the deep sea and prefer not to come to the surface of the water. However, we still know that they exist as many wash up on the beach as they die. The exact size of a squid is still unknown. There have been various pictures and videos taken of the animal ranging from a tiny one to a big one. But how big the squid can get is still unknown. Does a giant squid exist? There are a few proofs that point toward that direction.
Some time ago, people on a fishing boat managed to capture a giant squid on film. It had come up when they were pulling in their catch. They were lucky enough to be able to get the entire thing on camera. You can judge from the size of the creature that it is pretty big. This could be the evidence scientists need to prove that squids can grow quite large and that there is a possibility that an actual giant squid (like the one we see in movies) exist.


Caught on tape in the Gulf of New Mexico, this jellyfish was found roaming near the oil ridge camera. One thing we would like to point out is that this camera is placed almost 5000 feet deep in the water. The jellyfish looks stunning, nothing compared to the ones that we usually see on TV or have seen otherwise.
After much research by marine biologists, it was concluded that this jellyfish is only a baby! If this giant jellyfish (it is quite large) is only a baby, then how big would the mother be? It would be quite surprising to discover an adult one. It took the biologists around two years to finally identify this jellyfish, so it doesn’t look like we will be seeing an adult version anytime soon.


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The footage of this monster was caught by a BPA team who then sent it to the National Oceanography Center for further research. The monster was given this nickname by the team due to the spaghetti-like tentacles that were placed all over its body. The monster seems quite harmless but is intriguing nonetheless.
The discovery of this creature was made not so long ago. It was found off the coast of Angola. The BPA team was carrying out some operations on the coast. They were using a remotely operated underwater vehicle which was able to catch the animal on film. The surprising part of the creature is that it was found 1323 meters under water. If this is what exists in our sea, then who knows what more there is for us to find. The floating spaghetti monster is the latest discovery that has left scientists baffled.



If you wish that the unicorn was real, then you may want to take a look at this sea creature; it is called the unicorn of the sea. The reason for this is that, though spotted maybe a couple of times before, this creature hasn’t been caught too clearly on camera. It is also a very rare sight.
This particular creature was found by some divers in Australia on the coast of Tasmania. The creature looks very frail and weird as well. It is quite long, around 30 meters to be exact. It seems like a snake, but it is not; it has a cylindrical body which is translucent. The creature itself is made up of thousands of minute layers and is hollow from the inside. The animal feeds on plankton by pulling water into its body and pushes out filtered water.



On the vacation of a lifetime, Harvey Robertson did not know what his camera had captured in the sea. While on a cruise in Corfu, he and his family had gone diving. They were exploring a water cave while taking a series of pictures. Later, when he went through them, he found something that completely shocked him: the island monster. The funny part is that he never noticed the animal before when he was in the water enjoying his experience.
The eyes of the creature are the main shocker; it seems as if it does not have any. There are many other uncommon characteristics found in this animal as well. Till now, marine biologists are trying to figure out what the creature is or which species it could be a part of, but they have not come up with anything yet.

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