10 Best Funniest News Bloopers That Have Ever Happened On Live TV

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Who expected three old guys to turn a boring news talk show into a WWE showdown?

This isn’t so much a news blooper as it is an unorthodox way to make dry political talk very, very interesting. This clip leaves you with more questions than answers. What could possibly make these three old men so angry? Why was that studio desk so cheap in the first place? Seriously, it came apart faster than my resolve while assembling similar furniture from Ikea. Most importantly, who won the fight? I think we have an answer to that final question: When old geezers fight, the internet wins.

Who expected three old guys to turn a boring news talk show into a WWE showdown?

This Little Piggy

Do not call women pigs, especially on live TV. OTS stands for the over-the-shoulder graphics that pop up next to anchors in the newsroom. Depending on the camera being used in the studio, the OTS is programmed to automatically show up on the part of the screen where you don’t see an actual person.

Anyone have any idea what is going on here?

This live News room blooper still has the world wondering what this news reporter was looking at and then hiding between her legs. It is weird enough that she would be lifting up her dress to look in between her legs in a public setting in general. But to know that the coworker next to you is on live television and still do it, is mind-boggling. Then again, didn’t the cameraman know she was busy? We all know what it sort of looks like, but why in the world would she have anything hidden under her dress while on the clock. her face is absolutely classic and she even fakes like she is looking at her screens right when she realizes she is caught red-handed. I doubt she can even read whats on her screens anyway. Anyone have any idea what is going on here?

what she is hiding

Sweet Bike Moves

Sometimes, the background is the best part of a funny news blooper. Luckily for her, and for viewers everywhere, her story gets a lot more interesting thanks to a bicyclist who doesn’t quite seem to have mastered the concept of the sidewalk. That has to hurt.

Sweet Bike Moves

Fishing Fall Fail….Upskirt

Worst Aim In The World

No drummers were harmed in the reporting of this news segment. However, we do know of a reporter that desperately needs to work on his aim…

What On Earth Is She Doing?

Attractive news reporters and shake weights are always a good combination.

He’s Just Helping Get Rid Of Her Hiccups

Ironically Imposing Stop Sign

Poor Holly never saw it coming. You know you really should’ve taken the day off when inanimate objects start to assault you. I guess you could say it was a sign.

He Knew What He Was Doing

This monkey has more game than most humans. Then again, if it was a human they’d probably get a restraining order. Wow animals just get away with everything don’t they?

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