12 Insane Secret Weapons from World War 2


World War 2 is perhaps the single most violent event in modern history. Even though it happened several decades ago, the weaponry during this time is still considered quite destructive. Both sides of the war had secret weapons that they had created in order to use in extreme circumstances. It is important to study these weapons and get a sense of the sheer scope of human imagination when it comes to violence. The study of these weapons can also allow you to get an understanding of the dynamics of that time and how the various machinations of the states that were taking part in the conflict lead to the war becoming as violent as it did.
From weapons of mass destruction to on-the-ground vehicles that had the capacity to inflict enormous damage to troops, these weapons offer a unique insight into the power struggles between forces that were otherwise allied with one another. Many of the parties involved in the war had a desire to assert dominance over people they were allies with as well, which shows what a dangerous and uncertain time this truly was.
Listed below are twelve of the most insane secret weapons that World War 2 almost ended up using and, in some cases, actually used to alter the outcome of several battles.

1 Landkreuzer P. 1000

source: http://armorama.com

This weapon was in development in the German camp. It was essentially meant to be an enormous tank that had enough space to house dozens of soldiers and attack targets up to seventeen miles away. It also had almost impenetrable armor, thus making it a way for the Axis powers to attack places that would have otherwise been inaccessible to their forces. Although this tank was never built, it shows how creative the Axis powers were and how they used their engineering prowess to think of extremely advanced weaponry to be used on the battlefield.

2. A9 Amerika-Rakete

source: http://www.panzerfux.de

One of the aspects of Allied forces that seemed to strike fear into the hearts of Axis powers was the fact that America had a very long-range missile capacity that put Japan at risk. Hence, Germany started developing Amerika-Rakete, a missile that was designed to make it all the way to America if Germany wanted to attack. This missile was not able to reach completion before the end of the war, but if the war had lasted just one more year, Germany would have been able to inflict heavy damages on its enemies which might have changed the war’s outcome.

3. Sturer Emil

source: https://en.wikipedia.org

If the Landkreuzer P. 1000 was meant to be a grandiose weapon that would be able to deal enormous amounts of damage while providing space for a small force, the Sturer Emil presented the other end of the spectrum. This weapon was meant to be a tank that would be able to infiltrate areas without being detected, thus allowing it to inflict heavy damage to areas that the enemy would not have thought about protecting. Once again, Germany was unable to use this weapon due to the fact that it lost the war before the weapon entered the production stage.

4. Flying Tanks

source: en.wikipedia.org

Tanks were a great option for armies looking to inflict the heaviest casualties possible without putting one’s own soldiers in danger. However, it is important to note that in most cases, tanks could not move across large distances, which made them an inconvenient weapon in certain ways. This is why many of the countries fighting in the war were creating designs for flying tanks. Although none of the designs were actually successfully completed, a lot of them came close to being perfect, which would have resulted in a much different war.

5. Fukiyuri Diving Suits

source: https://en.wikipedia.org

Kamikaze attacks in World War 2 are still remembered today as a sign of Japan’s desperation toward the end of the war. Japan had been developing a weapon that could be used under water as well. This diving suit would have allowed suicide bombers to reach a ship from under water and attach explosives while no one on the ship would suspect a thing. This would have caused a lot of casualties to Allied forces, which might have ended up changing the result of the war completely.

6. I-400 Aircraft Carrier Submarine


We all have heard of aircraft carrier ships, but have you ever heard of a submarine that could fulfill the same purpose? The main benefit of this weapon would have been that it could travel unseen and provide Japanese forces with the option of bombing cities that were hundreds of miles away. The sheer range of these submarines would have made it impossible for Allied forces to discover where the attack originated from, thus giving Axis powers the ability to conduct attacks without having to suffer the repercussions generally associated with the attack. These submarines could have wreaked havoc in some of the most important cities in America.

7. Fire Balloons


There is a trade wind that blows from Japan toward America. A few years into the war, Japan decided to start using these trade winds by attaching fire bombs to balloons and letting them drift toward America. While these weapons were mostly unsuccessful, the thinking on Japan’s part was certainly unique and proved that the Japanese mind could think of new and intriguing ways to inflict damage upon its enemies. If the fire balloons had been successful, they would have caused quite a bit of damage to America since the wildfires started would have been impossible to contain.

8. V3 Gun

source: http://io9.gizmodo.com

This weapon was a cross between a machine gun and a rocket launcher. The Germans intended to use it to relentlessly bombard England in order to get it to surrender. Since this gun had the ability to fire up to three hundred rounds within an hour, the Germans would have been able to cause widespread devastation if the guns had been successfully placed. An unexpected bombing from England ended up disabling these weapons, but since England did not know about the weapons in the first place, it is safe to say that they were quite lucky.

9. Horten Amerika Bomber


This weapon is yet another example of how the war ending when it did meant that the Allied forces could prevent a lot of destruction. This plane was completely undetectable. It had the ability to get within a ten-minute range of its target, after which it would end up causing enormous destruction. It had the capacity to level entire army camps and since the Germans were slowly starting to build their intelligence in the west, they might even have ended up succeeding.

10. The Vortex Gun

This gun used air pressure to launch a burst of wind at Allied airplanes that would have caused them to go out of control and come crashing down. Although this weapon was very successful at causing damage, it was too expensive to produce and the results certainly did not justify the expense in any way. Hence, this gun was abandoned in favor of different weapons. It was certainly a unique weapon, though, proving that Germans could use pretty much anything they had at their disposal to inflict damage upon their enemies.

11. Microwave Rays

These rays were nothing but an idea, a concept that was pretty much impossible to make until the Japanese ended up creating a successful prototype. The only problem was that the guns were simply too expensive to create on a mass scale. Had the Japanese more time and had their resources not already been drained by the years of war, they might just have been able to create the death ray and would have been able to use it to turn the tide of the war in their favor. However, it is also important to note that the microwave ray was not tested on the battlefield, so it might just have been ineffectual.

12. Earthquake Bomb


This bomb was meant to trigger seismic activity. It could be fired at a target that was a few miles away from the actual enemy building that was to be destroyed. Upon impact, an earthquake would be triggered, but it would occur a fair distance away from the impact site. This would have allowed the Allied forces to conduct attacks from much safer distances even while they were in enemy territory, which would have helped save a lot of lives since soldiers would not have to be sacrificed.
The list of these weapons is certainly diverse, but an important thing to note is that even the most dangerous of weapons developed by the Axis powers did not allow them to overcome the certainty of their defeat. This meant that the vast majority of the weapons on this list came second to tactics and strategy, an important thing to note if you want to learn about war victors and how they brought about their desired results.

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