What is this Pokémon Go that has Taken the World by Storm?

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In most cases, we are used to gamers sitting quietly behind their screens and not running out wild like it is with other games. However, this has changed with Pokémon Go, a mobile app works with android devices and iPhones that started during April fools days and which has since then stirred the gamers’ world like no other.

Today, it is not a wonder to see both adults and kids winding around town searching for Pokémon game only to see them pop on their screen along with real-world physical objects such as a toilet, a mall and an office phone among the likes.

The app, which the work of a partnership between Nintendo and Pokémon Co., a Japanese Company became an instant success. Netting these Pokémon has become a craze to an extent that the game has overtaken the minds of gamers more than Twitter does on daily basis. Consequently, the app has speedily become most profitable on Apple’s and Google app stores.

From this craze , one may ask, what is the unique mechanism that makes this game revolutionary? Unlike most games, Pokémon Go has bridged the gap between the virtual worlds with the real world by blending them together into something gamers can enjoy. With Pokémon Go, a gamer can hunt trophies and play his/her virtue games while still walking and enjoying the environment.

In addition, the ability of the video game to capture users’ imaginations in a nice way has come with a lot of admiration and approval “augmented reality game”. For example, the ideas of journeying from one gym to the other so as to capture these little monsters is adorable. Also, seeing a little charming monster on your front door or seeing a similar monster on a patient’s bed is fulfilling.

Even at its early stages, one can easily predict that this is just the start. More of Pokémon Go is coming. In fact, Michael Pachter who is a gaming analyst with Wedbush Securities said the same thing when he explained that Pokémon Go will get bigger before it even gets smaller.

Some analysts also explain that the success of this game is very likely to inspire clones. Speaking about Pokémon and its wild success and approval, Timothy Carone who is a professor with one of the reputable universities argued that it is possible that developers are conducting meetings to make something similar to the famous Pokémon Go app. Carone argued that this is likely given that it is easy to duplicate some of the technical aspects of the current app.

Although the game has accomplished a lot in a few months, many are still worried about the security problems posed by the players’ interaction with the real world. There is still a lot of worries that victims are being lured into isolated areas to be robbed.

For example, a woman recently found a dead body in the river through her Pokémon game. Although authorities claim that the man had possibly drowned and was found by chance, they are still worried that the game can be used to bait people into some real world locations where they can be robbed. In fact, some teens have been reported to have used the game in luring victims to some locations where they would rob them.

Apart from being lured, some people have reported some injuries from playing Pokémon Go. One player reported that he fell in a ditch after he slipped and fell in a ditch. He suffered from a fractured metatarsal bone and had to take some few weeks for recovery.

Even with these warnings, the world can’t seem to get enough of Pokémon and a lot of benefits have been reported from different people. Players are still thrilled with the fact that they can hunt Pokémon in real life through their mobile device. While some are ecstatic about the game, others are excited that this game allows them to interact with the real world.

So, how is this game played? As explained earlier, the Pokémon being hunted is a digital one and this needs a player to have a smartphone for this purpose using Niantic Labs, an algorithm provided by the company behind the game and using GPS, it becomes possible to place critters for the gamers to find.

Players are then required to walk in different locations and spy these critters by playing using their fingers or thumbs. Through this, a player uses Pokéballs to try and capture the critters. A successful player who has repeatedly captured the creatures is rewarded with candies, which are then fed to the digital Pokémon. This causes it to grow and to increase in power for its later use in gyms or battle ground locations.

If you have missed the craze and would like to be part of this huge game, here are some of tips that can help you through the game.

  1. Fist of all, remember that you are not in this craze alone; millions of other users are as crazy as you are.
  2. Always pay attention to the tracker on your phone. Remember that the app uses your GPS and the tracker n the right corner at the bottom of your screen will tell you when you are close to a Pokémon.
  3.  Pokemon company have their own habitats and they tend to be overpopulated in these areas such as ponds, waters or even a gas station. Therefore, focus on the place where they are densely populated to capture as much as these little monsters as possible, you really need the candies for the gym battles.
  4. Always buy incense to entice a Pokémon to you and you can always buy one.
  5. Always pay attention to color when you want to capture the little monsters. Those which are hard to capture have a green marking while the easier ones are marked with a green color.
  6. Never allow yourself to run low of pokeballs, you need them to capture the Pokémon.
  7. Always strengthen your Pokémon by fully evolving them.
  8. Always try to stay on WIFI and make sure that your battery save mode is on to avoid running out of power.
  9. Always check your Pokémon’s battle power before engaging in a fight.
  10. In the process, be happy, make new friends.

Let us get crazy together as we catch as many Pokemons as possible!!!!!!

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