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5 Deadly Roller Coaster Disasters – Horrifying Theme Park Stories

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A fifteen-year-old girl named Salim was disallowed the same cart on the ferris wheel with her mother. Salim who had Down syndrome pleaded with park employees along with her mother despite neither of them knowing much English.

In the end the employees retained that Salim was too large to sit with her mother and the two women were separated and entered different carts alone. As the ride ascended Salim somehow managed to climb out of her seat and fall twenty feet to the earth below. The young woman died from her injuries and an investigation took place soon after.

They discovered that she had not been secured improperly because the safety bar was still locked. While questions arose as to just how the young woman managed to squirm out of her seat, Gulliver’s World theme park was fined for having split up the women in the first place.

ACTION PARK In New jersey

 ACTION PARK In New jersey

The action park in New Jersey was at one time completely synonymous with injury and death. Having enacted laughable safety measures and generally being staffed with underage teenage burnouts looking for summer jobs.

The rides were complete shams, from the miserable performance of the cannonball to a water slide with a full loop at the end that worked approximately 15 percent of the time. It was the cause of numerous abrasions, concussions and near suffocation from its opening in 1978 to its embarrassing closure in 1996 after sixth deaths.

Three were from drowning, two from electrocution and one from heart attack. In 1999 the park was reopened and renamed Mountain Creek with new safety regulations and fewer accidents.



At Six Flags Atlanta Georgia, in 2008, a young man named Asia Ferguson lost his hat after the wind whipped it away while he rode the Batman ride. Once the roller coaster had stopped, Ferguson looked for it through the safety of a fence until he found it sitting under the bars and beams of the ride.

Ignoring the multiple “Do Not Enter” signs posted all over, Ferguson scaled the fence and climbed over. Ferguson would never reach his hat however as the front of the coaster barreled toward him at fifty miles an hour. It struck so quickly and with so much force the 17 year old was instantly decapitated in front of park guests.



The Big Dipper roller coaster was a primary attraction to the Battersea fun fair in London England when it opened up in 1951 boasting an incredible size and seemingly death-defying speeds. Sadly, the coaster would live up to that promise in 1972 twenty years after its opening.

As the train cars ascended the first hill a cable broke loose and one of the cards snapped away from the rest of them tracking back down the hill at an untamed speed. The car slammed into five children at the docking station killing them almost instantly and injuring another large group of kids and adults. The incident would be the final death of the Battersea fun fair as it closed down just two years later due to low attendance resulting from this horrible accident that claimed five young lives.



Another six flags park this time in New Jersey a haunted castle walkthrough attraction was the site of another horrific loss. On May 11, 1984, four young park-goers wandered around the ride. The attraction caught fire, the flames quickly spread and we’re not dealt with immediately due to the lack of sprinklers and smoke detectors. Patrons raced to the nearest exits covering their mouths to escape the smoke.

However, these teenagers were not as lucky as they became trapped and lost in the flames, being burned beyond recognition. The park came under heavy scrutiny due to the horrible safety measures taken and was unsurprisingly sued. Six Flags managed to get out of the lawsuit, however, under the loophole that the building was deemed a temporary structure and the fire was mostly attributed not to a technical mishap but an act of arson.

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