list of 600+ Most common Social Media Abbreviations and their meanings


Many people encounter internet slang and acronyms like “lol,” “omg,” “thx,” “wtf,” “lmao,” etc. on blogs, chat, facebook, Instagram, text messages and forums. You may be scratching your head wondering what these words mean and stand for. Well, now you can sit back and relax because today there will be no more head scratching. I am going to reveal the definition of these short words.

And here what are Social Media Abbreviations and their meanings on facebook, instagram and other social networks, aranged alphabitcally:

AAA  Any Advice Appreciated
AAMOF  As A Matter Of Fact
ADGR  Any Donations Gratefully Received
ADN  Any Day Now
AFAIAA  As Far As I Am Aware
AFAIC  As Far As I’m Concerned
AFAICT  As Far As I Can Tell
AFAIK  As Far As I Know
AFAIR  As Far As I Recall
AFAIUI  As Far As I Understand It
afk away from keyboard
AFK  Away From Keyboard
AGAN  As Good As New
AI  As If
AIC  Ain’t It Cool
AISB  As I Said Before
AISI  As I See It
AIUI  As I Understand It
AIW  As It Were
AKA  Also Known As
ALOIA  A Lot Of It Anyway
AMAP  As Many/Much As Possible
AMF  Adios, MotherF’r or Adios, My Friend
AMIGA  A Merely Insignificant Game Addiction
ANAWFOS  And Now A Word From Our Sponsor
APITN  A Pain In The Neck
ASAP  As Soon As Possible
ASAP  as soon as possible
ASCII  American Standard Code for Information Interchange
asl  age sex location?
ASWGAFF  Ask Someone Who Gives A Flying F
ATB  All The Best
ATM  At The Moment
ATS  Across The Street
ATTN  Attention
ATTYO  Anything That Turns You On
AWCIGO  And Where Can I Get One?
AWGTHTGTTA?  Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again?
AWHFY  Are We Having Fun Yet?
AWOL  Absent WithOut Leave
AYT?  Are You There?
B/C  Because
b2b  business to business
B4  Before
B4N  Bye For Now
BA  Bedroom Activity
BAC  By Any Chance
BAD  Broken As Designed
bak  Back at the keyboard
BAK  Back At Keyboard
BAMF  Bad Assed MotherF’r
BASIC  Bill’s Attempt to Seize Industry Control
BAY  Back At You
BBFN  Bye Bye For Now
BBIAB  Be Back In A Bit
BBIAF  Be Back In A Few
BBL  Be Back Later
BBN  Bye Bye Now
BBR  Burnt Beyond Repair
BBS  Be Back Soon
BC  Basket Case or Be Cool
BCC  Blind Carbon Copy
BCNU  Be Seein’ You
BEG  Big Evil Grin
BF  Boyfriend
BFD  Big F’ing Deal
BFG  Big Friendly Giant or Big F’ing Gun
BFH  Big F’ing Hammer
BFI  Brute Force and Ignorance
BFMI  Brute Force and Massive Ignorance
BFN  Bye For Now
BFOG  Blouse Full Of Goodies
BIBO  Beer In, Beer Out
BIC  Best In Class
BIF  Basis In Fact
BIL  Brother
BION  Believe It Or Not
BIOYA  Blow It Out Your ***
BIOYIOP  Blow It Out Your I/O Port
BITD  Beaten It To Death
BKA  Better Known As
BMF  Bad MotherF’r
BMOC  Big Man On Campus
BMTIPG  Brilliant Minds Think In Parallel Gutters
BNF  Big Name Fan
BOC  But Of Course
BOF  Birds Of a Feather
BOFH  Bastard (system) Operator From Hell
BOHICA  Bend Over, Here It Comes Again
bol  busts out laughing
BOS  Big Orange Switch
BOT  Back On Topic
BOTE  Back Of The Envelope
boy  beginning of year
BRB  Be Right Back
brb  be right back
BRS  Big Red Switch
BS  Bull S***
BSEG  Big S*** Eating Grin
BSF  But Seriously Folks
BSG  Big Smiling Grin or Broad Sweeping Generalisation
BSOD  Blue Screen Of Death (error message)
BTA  But Then Again
BTAICBW  But Then Again I Could Be Wrong
BTAIM  Be That As It May
BTDT  Been There, Done That
BTL  Better Than Life
BTOBD  Be There Or Be Dead
BTSOOM  Beats The S*** Out Of Me
BTTH  Boot To The Head
BTTT  Back To The Top
BTW  By The Way
BUAF  Butt Ugly ASCII Font
BWL  Bursting With Laughter
BWQ  BuzzWord Quotient
BWTG  Big Way To Go
BY  Busy
BYKT  But You Knew That
BYKTA  But You Knew That Already
BYOB  Bring Your Own Bottle
BYOH  Bat You On the Head
C&G  Chuckle and Grin
C/O  Care Of
CAB  Cheap *** Bastard/*****
CADET  Can’t Add, Doesn’t Even Try
CB  Call Back
CC  Carbon Copy
CE  Creative Editing
CF  Charlie Foxtrot; Cluster F’d (meaning similar to SNAFU)
CFD  Call For Discussion
CFV  Call For Votes
CHUR  See How You Are
CICO  Coffee In, Coffee Out
CID  Consider It Done
CIO  Check It Out
CL  Cross Link
CLAB  Crying Like A Baby
CM  Call Me
CMIIW  Correct Me If I’m Wrong
CNP  Continued (in my) Next Post
CO  COnference
COD  Cash On Delivery
Cof$  Church of Scientology
coz  because
CP  Chat Post
CPF?  Can Pigs Fly?
CRBT  Crying Real Big Tears
CRPG  Character/Computer Role
CRS  Can’t Remember S***
CS  Cop Shop (police station)
CSG  Chuckle, Snicker, Grin
CTTD  Cute Things They Do
CTTS  Cute Things They Say
CU  See You
CUL  See You Later
CUL8R  See You Later
CUOP  Catch Up On Posts
CWOT  Complete Waste Of Time
CWYL  Chat With You Later
CYA  See You
CYAL8R  See You Later
CYL  See You Later
CYM  Check Your Mail
DAY  Dreamed About You
DBA  Doing Business As
DBN  Doing Business
DC  Distributed Computing
DD  Darling Daughter
DDG  Drop Dead Gorgeous
DDI  Don’t Do It
DEU  Dumb End User
DFU  Don’t Forget Units
DGUTDJ  Don’t Give Up The Day Job
DHB  Don’t Hurry Back
DIGAD  Do I Give A Damn?
DIL  Daughter
DILLIGAF  Does It Look Like I Give A F***?
DIY  Do It Yourself
DIY  do it yourself
DK  Don’t Know
DKU  Drop Kick Ugly
DL or D/L  Download
DLG  Devilish Little Grin
DLTBBB  Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite
DNA  Did Not Answer
DNPM  Darn Near P’d Myself
DOA  Dead On Arrival
DOB  Date/Day Of Birth
DOM  Dirty Old Man
Dos Dozing off soon
DQM  Don’t Quote Me
DRA  Don’t Recognise Acronyms
DS  Darling Son
DTD  Document Type Definition
DTM?  Does That Mean?
DTOKAB  Drop To One Knee And Blow
DTP  DeskTop Publishing
DTRT  Do The Right Thing
DUCWIC  Do you see What I see?
DUK  Dead Upon Keyboard
DWBH  Don’t Worry, Be Happy
DWIM  Do What I Mean
DWISNWID  Do What I Say, Not What I Do
DYE  Damn Your Eyes!
DYHWIH  Do You Hear What I Hear?
DYJHIW  Don’t You Just Hate It When
DYSWIS  Do You See What I See?
E2EG  Ear to Ear Grin
EAK  Eating At Keyboard
ED  Emotionally Disturbed
EDP  Emotionally Disturbed Person
EG  Evil Grin
EIF  Exercise In Futility
EMSG  Email Message
EOB  End Of Business
EOD  End Of Discussion
EOF  End Of File
EOL  End Of Lecture
EOM  End Of Matter
EOT  End Of Thread (i.e. don’t reply to this message)
ES&D  Eat S*** and Die
ESOSL  Endless Snorts Of Stupid Laughter
ESP  ESPecially
ETA  Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD  Estimated Time of Departure
ETLA  Extended Three Letter Acronym
F2F  Face to Face
FAO  For Attention Of
FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions
FC  Fingers Crossed
FEIYD  ForEver In Your Debt
FFS  For F’s Sake
FISH  First In, Still Here
FITB  Fill In The Blank_________
FOAF  Friend Of A Friend
FOC  Free Of Charge
FOFL  Falling On Floor Laughing
FOS  Full Of S***
FOTCL  Falling Off The Chair Laughing
FOTW  Flags Of The World
FR  For Real
FTBOMH  From The Bottom Of My Heart
FTF  Face To Face
FTL  Follow The Link
FTTT  From Time To Time
FTW  F*** The World
FUBAR  F’d Up Beyond All Recognition /Repair
FUD  (spreading) Fear, Uncertainty, and Disinformation
FWIW  For What It’s Worth
FX  Effects
FYA  For Your Amusement
FYE  For Your Entertainment
FYEO  For Your Eyes Only
FYI  For Your Information
fyi  for your information
G2G  Got to Go
GA  Go Ahead
GAC  Get A Clue
GAFIA  Get Away From It All
GAG  Get A Grip
GAL  Get A Life
GAS  Greetings And Salutations
GBH  Great Big Hug or Grievous Bodily Harm
GF  Girlfriend
GFN  Gone For Now
GG  Good Game
GGL  Giggle
GIGO  Garbage In, Garbage Out
GIWIST  Gee, I Wish I’d Said That
GJ  Good Job
GL  Good Luck
GLGH  Good Luck and Good Hunting
GM  Good Move
GMTA  Great Minds Think Alike
GOLL  Getting/Got One Long List
GR&D  Grinning, Running and Ducking
GTG  Got To Go
gtg  got to go
GTH  Go To Him/Her
GTSY  Glad To See You
GYPO  Get Your Pants Off
H&K  Hugs and Kisses
h8  hate
HAGD  Have A Good Day
HAGN  Have A Good Night
HAGO  Have A Good One
HAND  Have A Nice Day
HB  Hurry Back or Hug Back
HF  Have Fun
HH  Holding Hands
HHIS  Hanging Head In Shame
HHOJ  Ha Ha, Only Joking
HHOK  Ha Ha, Only Kidding
HHOS  Ha Ha, Only Serious
HIWTH  Hate It When That Happens
HOAS  Hold On A Second
HSH  Home Sweet Home
HTH  Hope This/That Helps
HWISTKT  How Was I Supposed To Know That
IAC  In Any Case
IAE  In Any Event
IAGW  In A Good Way
IANAL  I Am Not A Lawyer
IBALD  It’s Been A Long Day
IBM  Inadequate Business Management
IC  I See
ICBW  I Could Be Wrong
ICQ  I Seek You
ICYDK  In Case You Didn’t Know
IDGI  I Don’t Get It
IDK  I Don’t Know
idk  I don’t Know
IDTT  I’ll Drink To That!
IFU  I F’d Up
IGP  I Gotta Pee
IIDKB  If I Didn’t Know Better
IIRC  If I Remember Correctly
IIWY  If I Were You
IK  I Know
IKWYM  I Know What You Mean
ILU  I Love you
ILY  I Love You
IM  Instant Message
IMAO  In My Arrogant Opinion
IMCO  In My Considered Opinion
IME  In My Experience
IMHO  In My Humble Opinion
IMNERHO  In My Not Even Remotely Humble Opinion
IMNSHO  In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO  In My Opinion
imo in my opinion
INC  INCluding or INClusive
INPO  In No Particular Order
IOH  I’m Outta Here
IOW  In Other Words
IPN  I’m Posting Naked
IRC  Internet Relay Chat
IRL  In Real Life
IRMC  I Rest My Case
IRO  In Region Of
IS  I’m Sorry
ISC  I Stand Corrected
ISDN  It Still Does Nothing
ISP  Internet Service Provider
ISTM  It Seems To Me
ISTR  I Seem To Recall
ISWYM  I See What You Mean
ITRO  In The Region Of
ITRW  In The Real World
IWALU  I Will Always Love You
IWBNI  It Would Be Nice If
IYKWIM  If You Know What I Mean
IYO  In Your Opinion
J/K  Just Kidding
J/P  Just Playing
JAM  Just A Minute
JASE  Just Another System Error
JAT  Just A Thought
JAVA  Just Another Vague Acronym
JFTR  Just For The Record
JIC  Just In Case
JMHO  Just My Humble Opinion
JMO  Just My Opinion
JOKE  Just One Kidding Everyone
JOT  Just One Thought
JTFM  Just The Facts, Mister/Ma’am
JTLYK  Just To Let You Know
JTYWWTK  Just Thought You Would Want To Know
KB  Kiss Back
KISS  Keep It Simple, Stupid
KIT  Keep In Touch
KMA  Kiss My ***
KMF  Kiss Me, Fool
KOC  Kiss On Cheek
kutgw  keep up the good work
KWIM  Know What I Mean?
KYPO  Keep Your Pants On
L&ML  Lies and More Lies
L8R  Later
LAB&TYD  Life’s A ***** and Then You Die
LHM  Lord Help Me
LHO  Laughing Head Off
LHU  Lord Help Us
LI  Laughing Insanely or Laughing Inside
LIS  Laughing In Silence
LLTA  Lots and Lots of Thunderous Applause
LMAO  Laughing My *** Off
lmao  laugh my @$$ off
LMBO  Laughing My Butt Off
LMK  Let Me Know
LMOL  Laughing Madly Out Loud
LMSO  Laughing My Socks Off
LOL  Laughing Out Loud
Lshccomnaiweda  Laughing so hard coke came out my nose and i wasn’t even drinking any
LSHISOTS  Laughing So Hard I Spat/Spit On The Screen
LSHTTARD  Laughing So Hard The Tears Are Running Down
LTNS  Long Time No See
LTNT  Long Time No Type
LTR  Long Term Relationship
LTS  Laughing To Self
LY  Love You
LYK  Let You Know
LYWAMH  Love You With All My Heart
M$  A well
M/F?  Male or Female?
M8  Mate
MEGO  My Eyes Glaze Over
MHBFY  My Heart Bleeds For You
MHOTY  My Hat’s Off To You
MM  Mama Mia!
MMD  Make My Day
MO  My Opinion
MorF  Male or Female
MOTAS  Member Of The Appropriate Sex
MOTD  Message Of The Day
MOTOS  Member Of The Opposite Sex
MOTSS  Member Of The Same Sex
MSG  Message
MTBF  Mean Time Between Failures
MTF  More To Follow
MYOB  Mind Your Own Business
MYW  Makes You Wonder
N2M  Not too Much
NADT  Not A Darn Thing
NALAYL  Not As Long As You Live
NBIF  No Basis In Fact
NC  No Comment
ND  Nearly Done
NE  Any
NGAS  No one Gives A S***
NIAMY  Not In A Million Years
NIFOC  Nude In Front Of the Computer
NIICHI  Not If I Can Help It
NIMBY  Not In My Back Yard
NIYL  Not In Your Life
NM  Never Mind
NMH  Not Much Here
NMJC  Nothing Much, Just Chilling
NNTA  No Need To Answer
NOYB  None Of Your Business
NOYL  Not On Your Life
NP  No Problem
NRN  No Reply Necessary
NRP  None Real
NTOOT  Nine Times Out Of Ten
NTW  Not To Worry
NWIH  No Way In Hell
OAO  Over And Out
OBTW  Oh, By The Way
OEM  Original Equipment Manufacturer
OIAM  One In A Million
OIC  Oh, I see
OL  Old Lady
OM  Old Man
omfg  oh my funky God
OMG  Oh My God
omg  oh my God
ooo  one on one OR out of office
OOTB  Out Of The Box or Out Of The Blue
OOTC  Obligatory On Topic Comment
OT  Off Topic
OTF  On The Floor
OTOH  On The Other Hand
OTP  On The Phone
OTT  Over The Top
OTTH  On The Third Hand
OTTOMH  Off The Top Of My Head
OYA  On Your ***
PC  Politically Correct
PD  Public Domain
PDA  Public Display of Affection
PDQ  Pretty Damn Quick
PDS  Please Don’t Shoot
PEBCAK  Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
PEBKAC  Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair
PIMP  Peeing In My Pants
PITA  Pain In The ***
PLZ  Please
PM  Private Message
PMFBI  Pardon Me For Butting In
PMFJI  Pardon Me For Jumping In
PMJI  Pardon My Jumping In
POAHF  Put On A Happy Face
POETS  P*ss Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday
POS  Point Of Sale
POSSLQ  Person of Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters
POTC  Peck On The Cheek
POV  Point Of View
PPL  People
PS  Post Script
PU  That stinks
QT  Cutie
RE  Regarding
REHI  Hello Again
RFD  Request For Discussion
RHP  Read His/Her Post
RL  Real Life
RMA  Return Merchandise Authorisation
ROFL  Rolling On Floor Laughing
rofl  rolling on the floor laughing
ROFLASTC  Rolling On Floor Laughing And Scaring The Cat
ROI  Return On Investment
ROTF  Rolling On The Floor
ROTFL  Rolling On The Floor Laughing
ROTFLMAO  Rolling On The Floor Laughing My *** Off
ROTFLMAOAY  Rolling On The Floor Laughing My *** Off At You
ROTFUTS  Rolling On The Floor Unable To Speak
RPG  Role
RPTS  RePost That S***/Stuff
RSN  Real Soon Now (i.e. never)
RTFM  Read The F’ing Manual /Message
RTM  Read The Manual /Message
RU?  Are You?
RU4R  Are You For Real?
RUOK  Are You Okay?
SARO  SmartAss Reply Only
SAYL  Sorry About Your Luck
SB  Smiles Back
SBPH  Should Be Posted Here
SCNR  Sorry, Could Not Resist
SETE  Smiling Ear To Ear
SHID  Slaps Head In Disgust
SITD  Still In The Dark
SMO  Serious Mode On or Safe Mode Only
SMOff  Serious Mode Off
SNAFU  Situation Normal, All F’d Up
SNR  Signal
SO  Significant Other
SOHF  Sense Of Humour Failure
SOMY  Sick Of Me Yet?
SOS  Same Old S***/Stuff
SOT  Short Of Time
SOTMG  Short Of Time, Must Go
SPAM  SPiced hAM (unwanted advertising)
SRHI  So Rumour Has It
SSDD  Same S***, Different Day
STB  Simply The Best
STFU  Shut The F* Up
stfu  shut the f*** up.
STFW  Search The F’ing Web
SW  ShareWare
SWAG  Scientific Wild *** Guess
SWAK  Sealed With A Kiss
SWL  Screaming With Laughter
SWMBO  She Who Must Be Obeyed
SYL  See You Later
SYS  See You Soon
SYSOP  SYStem OPerator
TA  Thanks Again
TANJ  There Ain’t No Justice
TANSTAAFL  There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TARFU  Things Are Really F’d Up
TAT  TurnAround Time
TBA  To Be Announced
TBF  To Be Fair
TBH  To Be Honest
TBIB  The *****/Bastard Is Back
TC  Telephone Call
TCO  Taken Care Of
TCOY  Take Care Of Yourself
TDM  Too Darn Many
TEOTWAWKI  The End Of The World As We Know It
TFIF  Thank F*** It’s Friday
TFS  Thanks For Sharing
TGIF  Thank God It’s Friday
thx  Thanks
TIA  Thanks In Advance
TIAFI  Tried It And F’d It
TIC  Tongue In Cheek
TID  Thread Is Deteriorating
TILII  Tell It Like It Is
TLA  Three Letter Acronym
TLC  Tender Loving Care
TLG  The Living God
TMA  Take My Advice
TMBCU  Till My Bowels Cramp Up
TMF  Too Much Fun
TMTT  Too Much To Type
TNT  Till Next Time
TNTL  Trying Not To Laugh
TNX 1.0E6  Thanks a million (1.0E6 is exponential notation for one million)
TNXE6  Thanks a million
toy  Thinking of you
TOY  Thinking Of You
TPTB  The Powers That Be
TRD  Tears Rolling/Running Down
TTBOMK  To The Best Of My Knowledge
TTFN  Ta Ta For Now
TTFS  Try This For Size
TTT  To The Top or Time To Twist
TTYL  Talk To You Later
ttyl Talk to you later
TW  Two Weeks
TWBAR  That Would Be A Riot
TWIS  That’s What I Said/Stated
TX  Thanks
TY Thank You
ty  thank you
TYVM  Thank You Very Much
U2  You too
UL  Until Later
UL or U/L  Upload
unPC  unPolitically Correct
UR  You are
VAR  Value
VAT  Value
VBG  Very Big Grin
VC  Virtual Community
VEG  Very Evil Grin
VGI  Very Good Idea
VR  Virtual Reality
VWG  Very Wicked Grin
W/O  Without
W8  Wait
W8AM  Wait A Minute
WABOL  What A Bunch Of Losers
WAG  Wild *** Guess
WB  Welcome Back
WCW women crush Wednesdays
WDTM  What Does That Mean?
WE  WhatEver or WeekEnd
WEG  Wicked Evil Grin
WFM  Works For Me
WG  Wicked Grin
WHYD  What Have You Done?
WOB  Waste Of Bandwidth/Brainpower
WOBTAM  Waste Of Both Time And Money
WRT  With Regard To
WRUF?  Where are you From?
WTF  What The F’?
WTG  Way To Go!
WTH  What The Hell?
wth  what the hell
WTHDTM  What The Hell Does That Mean?
WUF?  Where are you From?
WYGIWYPF  What You Get Is What You Pay For
WYMM  Will You Marry Me?
Y  Why?
YA  Yet Another
YABA  Yet Another Bloody Acronym
ybs  You will be sorry
YBS  You’ll Be Sorry
YGM  You’ve Got Mail
YGWYPF  You Get What You Pay For
YHBW  You Had/Have Been Warned
YKYBHTLW  You Know You’ve Been Hacking Too Long When
YL  Young Lady
YM  Young Man
YMMV  Your Mileage May Vary
YMMVG  Your Mileage May Vary Greatly
YOY  Why Oh Why
YTB  You’re The Best
YW  You’re Welcome
YWSYLS  You Win Some, You Lose Some
YYMV  Your Yak May/Moves Vomit
ZIAO  Zoning In And Out

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