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4 Most Strange Things EVER Sold on eBay!

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eBay is one of top most American multinational e-Commerce company where one and sell and buy things of their choice. One you leave people on their own choice you get to see something so strange that you’ve never seen or heard before. Such Strange things were seen on eBay too that can’t be expected to be sold.

Buy Dirty Tissue Just for $5,300!

Buy Dirty Tissue Just on ebay

Imagine you sneeze and you get money. Sounds insane but Scarlett Johansson did something like that. She received a call from Samuel L. Jackson to collect the charity, and she got the idea to do this nose-blowing job and sell that tissue on eBay. To raise charity, she blew his nose into a tissue and made an action for $ 5,300.

Buy Dirty Tissue

Sounds insane! She could have chosen her shoe or something materialistic, but a Nosy Tissue is amazingly cost this much. Not only this she took herself to the next level at eBay, but she also made the auction for 28,000$ for a 20-minute date with Scarlett Johansson. One would have to get coaching form most expensive love couches to get her YES in 20-minutes and probably any of her crazy fans can do that, and they did it too.

Shake Hand Just for 2.3 million! HOW?

Warren Buffet one of the most successful investor of the world. His one minute has one million ideas, he America’s top leading philanthropist as he has a great heart for humanity. In 2015, he made an offer to get a Lunch with Warren Buffet for about $ 2.3 million, and Winning bid stopped at 2,345,678 won by Da Lian Zeus Entertainment.

Shake Hand Just for 2 million

During all that time they discuss education and investment philosophy. All of the collection sent to Glide Foundation charity organization based in San Francisco.

Shake Hand Just for 2 million2

Buy My Life I Want To Get another Life!

Buy My Life I Want To Get another Life!

Ups and down do bring changes in life, but this guy known as Ian Usher did something one would have never thought to do this with their life. After his divorce, he felt if his life and all belongs have lost their purpose in his life. Usher then decided to sell his life on eBay that includes House, motorcycle, his sea jet ski and even his job and friends too. He made a total auction for about $ 399,000.

Buy My Life I Want To Get another Life! 2

After selling his life on eBay, he made a list of his new life where he decided to do 100 things in one 100 weeks. He enjoyed Skydiving, walks in Cannes films festival, mile high club and much with all the money he earned by selling his life. A life sold his book got the eye of the studio to make the movie over his entire life.

Buy My Imaginary Friend!

Buy My Imaginary Friend

Imagination is sometimes so strong that it can make someone believe in things that can’t be seen and touch. However, this level of imagination will take your mind out of the world. A 27 years old man known as the TheWildandCrazyOli had and imaginary friend he named as Jon Malipieman. He spends years being with an imaginary friend, and as he grew up, he decided to move on to the real aspect of life and get a real person in his life. He was ones asked online if he is single yet he answered that he was used to a player, but now he wants to spend his life with some sincere person and to be them forever.

Buy My Imaginary Friend! 2

He sold his imaginary friend for about $ 3,000 with free postage. Life is not too hard if you are done with anything even with your imagination you can sell it on eBay!

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