30 Things You Never Thanked Your Grandma for

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If you are lucky, very very lucky your children have a grandmother (or two, or three) who is warm and loving and wonderful. A wonderful grandmother who makes her grandchildren follow all the rules….but also knows exactly how to sneak in a treat at just the right moment to brighten up a day. Who can kiss booboos almost as good as you can and who also gives fantastic hugs. And above all who thinks that your kids hung the moon and the stars.

  1. She gives the best hugs.
  2. A grandma always knows what to say to make things better.
  3. Saying encouraging words like you are doing a great job and the like are nice too.
  4. Let’s be honest; you’ve never left your grandma’s house hungry or empty handed.
  5. The cookie jar is never empty at grandma’s house.

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  1. She always makes you feel special and good about yourself.
  2. She’s one of your biggest fans. And she’s the greatest listener.
  3. She is the classiest woman.
  4. She gives you a unique perspective on life.
  5. You can always count on her to be there for you, even in the worst of times.

grandma quotes

  1. A grandma never forgets your birthday.
  2. If you’re ever feeling sick or in danger, she will take care of you.
  3. Her stories are one of a kind.
  4. A handwritten letter from your grandma never fails to make your day.
  5. She’s one of the strongest women you know.

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  1. She knows how to rock a pair of glasses, so if you need some in the future, it’s totally fine. Like grandmother, like a granddaughter.
  2. She taught you how to speak your mind when necessary and to stand up for what’s right.
  3. Her advice is genuine and wise.
  4. She taught you how to have self-respect.
  5. A grandma is continuously there for you with a selfless heart.

grandma quotes

  1. Her cooking is delicious.
  2. A grandma teaches you to be brave even when you’re scared.
  3. Her voice and contagious laughter will always lift your spirits.
  4. She’s the anchor that keeps you grounded.
  5. She encourages you to push beyond your limits.

grandma quotes

  1. She told you were beautiful even when you didn’t feel like it.
  2. What would you do without her words of wisdom and comfort?
  3. She accepts you for who you truly are.
  4. She helps you prepare for the best and the worst.
  5. She always delivers on her promises and teaches you to do the same.

Grandma, I can’t even begin to thank you for everything you’ve taught me. You’ve shown me so much love and shaped me into who I am today. I can’t thank you enough. Spending time with you means the world to me. I feel so lucky to be your granddaughter. Thank you for whispering sweet words of encouragement in my ear. I love you

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