5 Mysterious Unsolved Human Disappearance Cases!


Here are 5 Mysterious Unsolved Cases of death and disappearance!

Kendrick Johnson

# 5 Kendrick Johnson

The last case on our list is very strange to say the least and is surrounded by mystery. 17 year old Kendrick Johnson’s body was discovered on January 11, 2013 in Lowndes High School, Georgia. He was found headfirst in the center of a rolled up wrestling mat in the school’s gym. An autopsy was carried out on Johnson’s body to find the cause of death, which was concluded to be accidental with investigators saying he had got stuck in the mat trying to retrieve a shoe and suffocated.

However, Johnson’s family was not satisfied with the autopsy report, and decided to hire a private pathologist to get a second opinion. This time the autopsy report was different and was concluded that Johnson had died from blunt force trauma. The autopsy also reported of newspapers stuffed inside Johnson’s body as well as missing organs and missing clothing from the day of his death. Johnson’s family now strongly believes that he was murdered and that there was a cover up by the local police department.

In November of 2013, 290 hours of CCTV footage from inside the school was released to CNN following a court request, which shows Johnson entering the gym, moments before he died, however, over 3 hours of the footage was missing. Many other details about the case are very bizarre including the size of the hole of the wrestling mat, which was a 14.5 inches, however Johnson’s shoulders were 19 inches across, so how could he fit? As well as many other details that don’t seem to add up.

2 brothers, Brian and Branden Bell, that were Johnson’s classmates and that happen to be the sons of an FBI agent, are currently being questioned, as it turns out they both had refused to be interviewed (at the request of their father). 2 years prior to the death, Johnson allegedly got into a fight with the younger brother. In 2015, Kendrick Johnson’s family filed a $100 million civil law suit against 38 individuals. They are desperately trying to seek answers as to how and why, Kendrick Johnson lost his life.

The Mysterious Death of Alan Jeal

4 The Mysterious Death of Alan Jeal

On 25 February 2014, at about 2pm, the naked body of 64 year old Alan Jeal was found on Perranporth beach, in Cornwall, England. At first it seemed like an open and shut suicide case, however many odd things didn’t add up to the investigators. Police managed to track Jeal’s movements up until 6:36pm where he was last seen wondering the streets in Truro city center, a day before his body was discovered.

Bizarrely, Investigators found a sock with earphones wrapped around, stuffed inside Jeal’s mouth. They also discovered a jacket, a wallet and a picture of Jeal when he was about 2 years old, near to his body. A post-mortem examination found multiple injuries on to his right hand, chest and head which are inconsistent with drowning.

The jacket that was found was not the same jacket that Jeal was wearing in the CCTV footage the previous day. Jeal was described as a bit of a loner, who enjoyed video games and going on long walks. Police are treating the case as suspicious, as they can’t explain what exactly happened to him, and how he ended up on the beach. Whether an accident, murder or suicide, the case is still open and remains unexplained.

The Phoenix Lights

#3 The Phoenix Lights

On 13th march 1997, during the hours of 19:30 and 22:30, thousands of people saw a UFO sighting in Phoenix, Arizona, and Sonora, Mexico. Due to the amount of eye witnesses, the event has been described as the most famous UFO sighting ever.

The UFO first appeared in the sky in a triangular formation, roughly about the size of several football fields that slowly and silently moved through the sky, blocking the stars as it passed over. Stationary lights were also witnessed. The official explanation from the government, is that UFO was just flares used for target practice, however many people are not buying that and believe it was something more.

2 more sightings of the same or very similar UFO were seen in 2007 and 2008, and on 3rd February 2015, the phoenix lights returned once again.

The Lars Mittank Mystery

2 The Lars Mittank Mystery

In 2014, Lars Mittank, a 28 year old German man, decided to go on holiday to Bulgaria with a group of his friends. Lars reportedly got into a fight with a man while on the beach, and suffered a small injury to his ear. He was advised by a doctor not to fly due to the ruptured eardrum and was given prescription medication. At the end of the holiday, he decided to stay in Bulgaria for further treatment and told his friends they could leave without him.

Now alone, Lars spent the night in a hotel. During the stay, he contacted his mother in a panic and told her that he didn’t feel safe, as he believed there were 4 men following him and told her she should cancel his credit card. The next morning, Lars visited the doctor’s office inside the airport. Bizarrely, as soon as he was inside, he quickly jumped up and ran outside, leaving all of his possessions behind. This CCTV footage shows Lars final moments, before disappearing without a trace.

His family has said that he had no history of mental illness and is desperately searching for him. Some believe his strange behavior may have been due to a head injury that doctors didn’t notice that caused the psychotic break. However, Lars has still not been found and his where about are still unknown. If you have any information please visit the website in the description.

Maura Murray’s disappearanceMaura Murray's disappearance

On February 9th 2004, 21 year old Maura Murray was reported missing after her smashed car was found on Route 112 in Haverhill, New Hampshire. Maura left college earlier that day and told her professors that she would have to take a week off, as she had a family emergency. However, it later turned out that no family emergency existed.

Due to this fact, investigators suggested that she may have just wanted to disappear; however her family strongly disagreed and believes that she was abducted. In 2012, a number of videos surfaced on YouTube, uploaded by a user named Mr112Dirtbag. One of the videos shows a sadistic looking man, looking directly into the camera and uncontrollably laughing. The video then ends with the words ‘happy anniversary’.

The video was uploaded on the 8th year anniversary of Maura Murray’s disappearance. Other strange videos were uploaded to the YouTube channel that seemed to be related to Maura’s disappearance, one of which showed a ski pass to Bretton Woods Mountain Resort, just 2 miles from where Maura’s car was found, and is dated 2 days after Maura disappeared.

Another video shows the same man from the first video, this time he is playing a song on a keyboard, and towards the end of the video, this cryptic image is shown. Mr112Dirtbag’s user name is relevant to the case because, 112 was the route that Maura disappeared on and dirt bag is what her father called the kidnappers when he was interviewed on TV.

The channel was quickly removed by YouTube; however one person managed to save a copy of the videos. Alden Olson was supposedly identified as the laughing man, and was interviewed by investigators, but they had no evidence to arrest him, however this has not been official confirmed. Maura Murray is still missing nearly 12 years later.

Whether she decided to run away from her issues at home, or she was abducted, the case still remains a mystery.

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